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The Bloom Jewish Music Foundation was established to recognize promising creativity that will guarantee the perpetuation of Jewish music no matter what the source: a school, a seminary, a student, a garage band, a university, or a single composer/singer/instrumentalist.  We are particularly interested in Jewish musicians who are experiencing a handicap or disability.


Murray Bloom had two loves: electronics and jazz.  As a patriarch of heart health innovation, he designed, manufactured and distributed cardiac stimulating and recording devices.  His designs helped usher in the modern era of cardiac arrhythmia evaluation.  As a result of his work, tens of thousands of lives were saved or prolonged.  A jazz writer, arranger, player and producer, he loved music all his life.  In 2009, this warm, witty human being was stricken with a virulent cancer.  With his life ebbing away, he found comfort in long discussions of music and Judaism with Cantor Marshall Portnoy, including the vision of funding a foundation to further the development of Jewish music.  Just prior to his death, he fulfilled the lifelong dream of celebrating the Bar Mitzvah he had never had.  A few weeks later, in September of 2011, Murray passed away peacefully in his home, his family by his side.


(1) Grants to composers and artists; 

(2) Scholarship assistance for students at all Jewish seminaries and cantorial schools; 

(3) Collegiate a cappella competitions for Jewish singing groups; 

(4) The exploration of partnership with museums in the development of a curated exhibit on the history of Jewish music and the cantorate; and 

(5) Worthwhile recording and internet projects.  


In January of 2012, the Foundation was awarded 501(c)(3) status.

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